OMBRALIA: more than a mark, a personality with their clients.

The initial development of our company obeys a logical line comparable to of any company which grace grows to the illusion and the desire of carrying out an important work, and with the hope of finding its hole in the market.

Historical: At beginning of the years 50, D. José Monzó of Vilamarxant (Valencia), it begins hurdle cropper's activity in the margins of the river Túria with the purpose of giving their production in the local market. Products that were dedicated to the construction, and nurseries of plants essentially.

In 1985, the siblings Monzó continues with the family tradition, in spite of managing a product with an uncertain future.

The mechanization for hurdle cerramientos arrived in 1988

After a period of constant growth and in spite of the maintenance of the price of sale of the main product, the company decides to develop new articles guided to the gardening in general.

-1999 production of wicker cerramientos

-2000 production of heath cerramientos, heath parasols and of wicker, cerramientos of plastic, etc…

-2004 creation of the mark OMBRALIA, and introduction of articles in treated wood.

-2006 design and realization of products in wood.

Our company has been characterized through the time by its vitality and for its zeal in being for before the competition in that referred to the design and development of new products. At the same alone time we can understand a durable and satisfactory relationship with our clients. For it and much more, we want them to keep us in mind when acquiring articles that will also rebound in the image of their company.



              THE MANAGER

Antonio Monzó Castañer